A propos de nous

The Academie Nationale des Sciences, Arts et Lettres du Benin (ANSALB) is the foremost independent scientific body in Benin which was established in 2010, incorporated and recognized by a Presidential Decree on April 2016. It cumulates all the social, (including economy and arts), and natural (including physical, mathematical and life) sciences, and is recognized in Benin as the scientific organization best suited to develop a unified global vision of the great contemporary challenges for science. ANSALB is uniquely positioned to bring scientific knowledge to bear on the policies/strategic direction of the country, and is also dedicated to the development and advancement of Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI), arts and letters in Benin Republic. The aims and objectives of the Academy are to promote the growth, acquisition, and dissemination of scientific knowledge, and to facilitate its use in solving problems of national interest. The Academy strives to do this by:
  • Providing advice on specific problems of scientific or technological nature presented to it by the government and its agencies, as well as private organizations
  • Bringing to the attention of the government and its agencies problems of national interest that science and technology can help solve
  • Establishing and maintaining the highest standards of scientific endeavours and achievements in Benin, through the publication of journals, organization of conferences, seminars, workshops, and symposia, recognition of outstanding contributions to science, arts and letters in Benin, and the development of a working relationship with other national and international scientific bodies and academies.

As with national academies in other countries, ANSALB is a not-for-profit organization with membership comprising 25 Fellows elected through a highly competitive process who have distinguished themselves in their fields both locally and internationally. Some of her members have served as Vice-Chancellors of universities, Directors-General of government parastatals, and Ministers in Benin ministries. The Academy, given its clout, also has the ability to attract other experts from around the country and internationally when needed. ANSALB is Benin's national representative on such bodies as the International Science Council (ex-International Council for Science (ICSU)) - the umbrella body for all science associations and unions, and the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) - the umbrella body for all national science academies globally. The Academy is also a member of the Network of African, European and Mediterranean Academies for Science Education (AEMASE) and the Network of African Science Academies (NASAC).